My Resume



Enthusiastic and recently graduated Software Developer with a diverse educational background in Computing Science, Information Sciences, and exposure to business-related studies. Eager to apply academic knowledge and practical skills in a professional setting. Proven ability to quickly grasp new technologies and implement them to solve real-world challenges. Mostly enjoy the fact that programming feels like solving a puzzle. Enjoy making (my own) life easier using technology. In future work hoping to combine programming with consultancy and the experience gained from my business studies.

Work Experience

Clarucom Business Development Company BV

Software Programmer
01-08-2020 - present

Responsible for updating an existing project management system, most importantly making a mobile version. Next to that some small tasks in between as clients request extra functionalities.

Eikholt Kwerijen BV

2010 - present

Started as a side job with only cultivation related activities. After reorganization, company got a lot smaller and I am currently also responsible for various administration activities and usually also working as group manager. During the year 2016-2017 I worked full-time.

Green Generation

October 2021 - December 2022

After some success in NFT trading a group of friends decided to create a startup. The idea was to create an NFT project that would fund charity projects to help battle climate change and combine that with spreading knowledge about NFTs to the general public. A combination of personal factors, together with the decline of the crypto market at that moment resulted in the end of this project. But the dream still exists.


Master Information Sciences

Radboud University Nijmegen
01-09-2020 - 30-07-2023

Started some courses while still working on my Bachelor’s thesis in the first year. Finished all the courses in the second year. Decided to leave open the Master’s Thesis and start working after the third year.

Bachelor Computing Science

Radboud University Nijmegen
01-09-2017 - 30-07-2021

Really enjoyed this Bachelor. Next to the normal courses I followed the Computing specialization and the minor Business Administration for Computing Science. As I was allowed to start my Master’s before graduating (because of Corona’s “Zachte knip”) I decided to take some extra time for my Bachelor’s Thesis and combine that with some courses of the Master.

Course of VWO mathematics B

Boswell-Bèta Utrecht
Summer 2017

To start my bachelor Computing Science, mathematics B was a requirement, so I did a summer course.

Bachelor Accountancy

HAN Nijmegen
01-09-2013 - 30-07-2016

Finished my propaedeutic year, and the two years after that. Although I really liked the study and passed the courses, I did not feel at home in this field and decided to leave accountancy behind.

Bachelor Facility Management

HAN Nijmegen
01-09-2012 - 30-07-2013

Quickly realized this was not my future.

VWO (Pre-university education)

NSG Nijmegen
2006 - 2012

I followed the Nature and Health profile, combined with physics and economics to create the broades possible profile.

Programming languages


Build a lot of my own simple projects using JavaScript, HTML and CSS before I started working with ReactJS.


Only started working with TypeScript recently in my last personal project (Gruusbeks Spotifaai), really enjoying the type checking benefits.


I had prior experience with ReactJS and seen NextJS in use in some projects I was related to but only started using it myself in my last project.


Started using ReactJS during my Bachelor Computing Science. For the course Software Engineering our team had to build a complete webapp for a real client. After that build multiple projects for myself and for work using it.


First learned Python in the Data Mining course using python notebooks. After that often using it for quick simple programs or to automate web processes / scrape websites using Selenium.


C++ was the first language I learned, it was used as the language of the first course in the Bachelor Computing Science.


Been using C# in my work for Clarucom.


Been using CSHTML in my work for Clarucom.


Been using .NET in my work for Clarucom.


Started using TailWindCSS in my last personal project, works very nice.


Was used in the Bachelor course Hacking in C.


Have been using VBA for a lot of Excel macros.


Have been using SQL for some of my own projects and it was thought quickly in some courses in the bachelor.


Build a lot of my own simple projects using JavaScript, HTML and CSS before I started working with ReactJS, of course HTML and CSS are still needed in ReactJS


Build a lot of my own simple projects using JavaScript, HTML and CSS before I started working with ReactJS, of course HTML and CSS are still needed in ReactJS


Haskell was used in the bachelor course Functional Programming. After the study I have used Haskell for some programming on the Cardano Blockchain, but not that much.


Java was used in the course Object Oriented Programming. Do still understand it, but not really worked with it anymore after.


Scala was used in the Big Data course (see Projects) in the bachelor specialisation Computing. Using Scala, Hadoop and Apache Spark we had to analyse a large dataset of our own choice. Not really used it after this.

Computer Skills

Linux Terminal
Windows CMD
Windows PowerShell
Visual Studio Code
Visual Studio 2022
Apache Spark
Raspberry PI
Google Colab

Soft Skills

Interested in new technologies
Learning fast
Good at working in a team
No problem with working alone
Problem solving


Dutch (native)


  • Building floats for the carnaval parade with my friends.
  • Big fan of football and Formula 1.
  • NFTs / Crypto
  • Personal coding projects for fun.